Hedge Maintenance

Tom's Trees Hedge Maintenance.

What are the benefits?

Hedge Maintenance

Hedge Shaping

Providing a neat and tidy surrounding to your property, especially useful if you may be thinking it is time to sell.

Structure & Privacy

Trimming away the outer branches of the hedge allows the inner centre to fill, this provides a better structure to your hedge and better privacy for your home.

Hedge Health

Trimming away dead or diseased parts helps towards a healthier hedge and promotes new growth. Removing diseased sections also reduces the risk of insect problems in the hedge.

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Want To Know More?

Hedges contain and sustain most of our native wildlife in the UK; they provide us with privacy making their upkeep very important to most people. As responsible human beings, we must make sure we retain our hedgerows, not only thinking of privacy from our neighbours but also considering the wildlife too. Trimming a hedge encourages regrowth, enticing insects and birds; with the hedge later reshooting providing nesting bird habitats thus improving the fauna and flora and the surrounding ecosystem.

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