Woodland Management

Tom's Trees Woodland Management.

What are the benefits?

Woodland Management

Onsite Surveys

We will visit your land and provide a detailed survey or report for the effective management of your woodland.

Staged Management

Pollarding, Coppicing, Thinning and Clear Felling of your trees to suit the requirements of you and your woodland.

Management Plans

Seasonal and yearly management plans to maintain the health and wellbeing of woods.

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Want To Know More?

The most likely reason for this is to preserve the life of the woodland but could also be for woodworking. Whether it be for filtering air, improving local landscapes or providing timber, we need to manage our woodlands. Selectively thinning sections and controlling pests will achieve results quickly. Creating and managing pathways improves corridors and can also make the woodland more accessible to the general public, therefore encouraging good management and promoting our natural woodlands. Common species in a woodland are Hazel and Chestnut for coppicing and Oak, Beech or Ash for firewood. Coppicing is important to provide plant life such as bluebells and snowdrops these attract insects such as butterflies which have a huge impact on improving the surrounding ecosystem.

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