Specialist Tree Removal

Tom's Trees Specialist Tree Removal.

What are the benefits?

Tree Removal

Limited Access Removals

We will provide you with expertise and advise in relation to the removal of trees that are in a tricky location and where access is limited.

Tree Lowering

We ensure peace of mind with the ability to position and plan where your dismantled tree will fall by using specialist equipment.

Tree Stump Removal

Introducing equipment that will allow the complete removal of the tree stump that remains after dismantling.

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Want To Know More?

This is required when a tree out grows its surrounding environment, it becomes diseased or it is storm damaged. The tree may be growing in close proximity to a property with the potential to cause damage, injury or harm. In this case, careful deliberation/calculation is required to dismantle the tree safely without damaging property or the general public. Diseased trees don’t behave in the same way as a healthy tree when it comes to a dismantle, specialist removal is required to identify the diseased sections prior to its removal in order to ensure it all goes safely.

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