Tom's Trees Surveying.

What are the benefits?


Tree Positioning

Providing information on the position of trees in your care in relation to your buildings and any routes or services used by the public.

Root Protection Area

Looking at the position of the trees and their extending roots in relation to your buildings or indeed your plans for additional developments.

Record Keeping

The numbering of the trees and listing of their species, giving you more information on your environment.

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Want To Know More?

Surveying is required to record the species, stem diameter and canopy area of the tree to determine the size of the root plate. Visual and scientific techniques are used to determine any defects or internal decay. This data is gathered on site during the survey and is later recorded and detailed on plans/spreadsheets and transferred and provided to you in a professional report format that can be submitted for planning permission purposes. A survey can provide details of the size, maturity (age) and condition of the trees on site. Surveys are carried out to ‘BS5387: 2012 Trees in relation to building design and Health and Safety’. If your tree is subject to a Tree Protection Order (TPO) or within a conservation area, Tom’s Trees can advise you of this and assist with your developments/plans by providing a survey as to support your application. This can be done entirely by Tom’s Trees; taking one little stress of your project away.

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