Tom's Trees Plotting.

What are the benefits?


Our Software

Using GPS technology and OS maps we can provide you with a map to view your plotted trees that is accurate to within 1.2m.


Providing a ‘to scale’ drawing of your landscape that can assist to achieve planning permission for future developments and complies with industry standards.


Plotting, recording and monitoring your trees; providing recommendations for any works where required.

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Want To Know More?

Tree’s are plotted on a tailored GPS device in order to provide an accurate location of the trees in relation to an ordinate survey (OS) map. This is accurate to 1.2 meters, this is important in order to provide accurate information to the landowner. The trees that lie within your boundaries are your responsibility and as a landowner, you have a duty of care to your surrounding property and any passing pedestrians to maintain your trees. In having an expertly advised maintenance plan for your trees, showing that you have had them assessed/surveyed by a professional arborist can protect you, showing that you have done everything required of you by law should an incident involving a member of the public involving one of the trees in your care effect on of the members of public. As the saying goes ‘better to be safe than sorry’! The idea is to look after you, the public and the trees.

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