Tree Climbing & Inspections

Tom's Trees Climbing & Inspections.

What are the benefits?

Tree Climbing & Inspections

Tree Health

We will examine the health of the trees and their structural integrity.

Habitat Inspection

We’ll carry out a closer inspection into how many houses your tree is providing for our furry friends and who the residents are.

Tree Management

The provision of comments and recommendations for the retention or removal of trees.

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Want To Know More?

Tree inspections identify anything we cannot see from the ground by climbing and recording the data by taking photographs we can more accurately determine the health/condition of the tree by detailing any defects; following inspection reports and recommendations can be provided to advise of any remedial works. The process can also locate bat roosts and any nests belonging to birds of prey. If there are any bat roosts the tree a full ecological survey will need to be completed and unless the roost can be relocated, it is likely that the tree will need to remain. A climbing inspection also identifies the need for any further inspections such as a picus test (which is essentially a tree x-ray) also called a tomography. Upon locating any defects or wildlife roosts Tom can advise the best course of action; this requires specialist knowledge as many of our bats, nesting birds and birds of prey are protected.

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