Tree Reductions

Tom's Trees Tree Reductions.

What are the benefits?

Tree Reductions

Crown Thinning

Removes the smaller branches within the tree without losing the shape of the tree, allowing more light access and reducing the risk of it uprooting in strong winds.

Crown Reduction

Reducing the height and/or spread of the crown. This assists with reducing the mechanical stress on the tree and reduces the effects of shading and light loss.

Crown Lift

This lifts the crown of the tree, allowing more light to come through, providing more access where necessary and giving you a better view.

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Want To know More?

A reduction refers to looking at the entire shape of the tree and reducing the overall shape evenly and preferably to suitable growth points, allowing the tree to keep its natural shape and regenerate over time (the same as deadheading your plants). Correctly reducing your trees can allow the wind to move around the tree more efficiently and therefore reducing the risk of failure. Reducing can also be used to target prune lateral limbs in order to reduce limit end weight. A reduction is a great way to maintain and preserve the life of our trees so that we can live harmoniously with our trees, improving life spans and ecosystems within our developed environments.

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